I decided to do more vlogs! First one of my trip to paris is already on youtube, part 2 and three (including disneyland and versailles), will follow in the next few months.
On thursday I will go to Närcon and also do a vlog about it ^3^. I hope you like it!

"Tooling" Foam Accessories


Okay kiddos, enough of you asked, so here’s a tutorial. This is primarily for getting an engraved look on your props/accessories/etc, though I’m throwing in basic foam craft technique tips as well. 

Let’s use this bracer as an example:


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Myself as Origami Cyclone from Tiger & Bunny (ಠω\ )
Photo taken by: Annie Fischinger


Myself as Origami Cyclone from Tiger & Bunny (ಠω\ )

Photo taken by: Annie Fischinger


Plotting out the shape of the spear head details for Kyoko’s spear… then sealing the foam with mod podge and the cardboard with paper and mod podge :D


Photos by Miffy, Yvyne as Erik Lehnsherr, Zen as Charles Xavier.

The photoshoot took place in Frankfurt. I traveled to Munich, where I met up with Zen and we set out on a road trip in her car with lots of energy drinks and Nine Inch Nails playing.

I updated my blog with my Liz Lisa and Jesus Diamante Shopping haul plus two outfit pictures and a cosplay fitting picture.

I am trying to make my blog a bit more personal. My private life is a bit boring but I will travel to Paris next week and in three weeks to Stockholm, yey!


Journey, part 2



Sailor Fuku Cosplay Tutorial by ~SparklePipsi

An amazing tutorial on how to make your very own Sailor Senshi/Fuku Cosplay! Had a hard time finding really descriptive youtube tutorials surprisingly. So had to find step by step images! 

If you still need to visually see how to make a pleaded skirt here’s a youtube link to How To Cosplay: Make A Pleated Skirt! Though she doesn’t use actually cloth in the tutorial she uses paper - I think it’s pretty useful. 

In celebration of Sailor Moon Crystal, we know there will be many Moonie cosplayers out there who will need this. This is one of the most comprehensive tutorial to date. Good luck everyone!

Finished two items for my cosplay! Hooray!

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